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Centro de Estudios Hispánicos

Antonio Perales
Aljibe del Gato 1
Carmen de los Gatos
18010 Granada
Tel.: 0034 958 20 58 63 
Fax: 0034 958 27 72 40

Name of school  Castila
Country / City  Spain, Grananda
Year founded  1986
Max. Capacity 60
Maximum group size / average  6/4
Course dates  every other week
Group lessons Yes 
One-on-one lessons Yes
Language for Professional Purposes Yes
Language for Academic Purposes Yes
Exam preparation (e.g. D.E.L.E.) Yes
Tailor made courses Yes 
Short programs (1-7 days) Yes, intensive courses
Programs for children  No
Programs for teenagers No
Programs for adults Yes 
Student residence  No
Shared flats Yes
Host family accommodation Yes 
Hotel Yes 
Social Yes
Excursions Yes 
Volunteer programs No
FEES (In Euro)  
Minimum tuition fee / week from117 Euro
Accomodation fee / week  from 60 Euro

We have experience...
Castila was founded in 1988 by a group of teachers who felt a true passion and enthusiasm for their language and culture.

...and a vocation to teach.
Our philosophy is to transmit the real Spain, so full of contrasts, a society where cultural exchange is so important.

A school in an unbeatable setting...
Castila is located in the Albaicn area, the famous Arabic quarter in the centre of Granada facing the Alhambra. Plazas, green spaces, narrow, traffic-free streets, fountains and the whitewashed walls of the houses.

... in a traditional neighbourhood.
The traditional houses of the Albaicn quarter are the famous “Carmens”*, and Castila is housed in one of them - the Carmen de los Gatos.
* A “Carmen” is the traditional Arabic house found in Granada, with a beautiful garden surrounded by a perimeter wall.

At Castila, everyone knows each other...
We have intentionally kept our school down to a medium size, allowing more personal contact between the students and everyone else at Castila. that you can take full advantage...
We have a maximum class size of 6 students, so that the atmosphere and relationship between students and teachers cannot be bettered. a professional, yet familiar, atmosphere.
Thanks to the training, experience and dedication of our teachers, both inside and outside the classroom.

Lastly, we are proud of our students:

“Castila is not just a Spanish school, Castila is a way of living”. Aldy Ladha, (United States)

“The teachers are of the highest quality and full of passion for their language. Everyone - students as well as staff - become friends. No matter what your level, you will speak, eat, live and dream Spanish. Katherine Burns (United Kingdom)

“There is so much to say about Castila, not just about its numerous activities, but also about those little things that make up its soul: the in-jokes, breakfast at the Mirador de San Nicols, the friendship between teachers and students... How can I mention just one of all these things? Castila is a world of its own”. Agns Christeler (Switzerland)